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Jaia Robotics and the Blue Economy Tech Cluster of Rhode Island
Jaia Robotics CEO and Co-Founder, Ian Estaphan Owen

Jaia Robotics Commits to Supporting the Rhode Island Blue Economy.

Bristol, Rhode Island, Thursday, 6th May 2022 — Jaia Robotics, Inc., a leader in low-cost, micro-sized autonomous marine vehicles, is working with a consortium of industry, government, philanthropic, non-profit, and academic partners to help grow the RI Blue Economy Technology Cluster (RI BETC). Establishing RI and Southern New England as the leading global center of the Blue Economy with equity and sustainability at its core – RI BETC News.

Jaia Robotics sees the increased focus on Blue Tech as a key to accelerating their growth in supplying their unique micro-sized, high-speed, aquatic data collection robots called JaiaBots and Data Collection Services. JaiaBots can be operated individually or in multi-vehicle pods in depths of 1m to 100m and in a wide variety of marine environments including offshore, surf zones, estuaries, rivers, and lakes, representing a significant advancement in affordable robots supporting big data needs of the global Blue Economy. This will bring jobs in hi-tech that will benefit populations that have historically been underrepresented in high-paying jobs and wealth-building pathways, both in RI and regionally.

“The impacts of climate change are clear for all to see. There is an urgent need for more data, modeling, and simulation tools to give us the knowledge needed to manage the impacts of climate change. This requires a holistic view of all aspects of our needs as a community, a country and a globally connected ecosystem of trade and food supply. The BETC RI team is leading this effort by putting collaboration and outreach as a foundation to growing not just the RI economy, but that of our neighboring communities and partner organizations. This is so heartening to see, not just as a start up business owner, but as a resident of the Ocean State and Southern New England.” said Ian Estaphan Owen, CEO and Co Founder of Jaia Robotics 

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About Jaia Robotics, Inc.: Jaia Robotics is based in Bristol, Rhode Island, specializing in low-cost, high-speed, micro-sized autonomous marine vehicles. The foundational product, JaiaBot, represents a significant advancement for the industry because it supports big data collection at an affordable price. Jaia Robotics further enhanced JaiaBot’s accessibility with open architecture, and an easily configurable, multi-sensor format. Jaia Robotics provides JaiaBots for direct sale and offers comprehensive aquatic data collection services (JaiaBots as a Service (JaaS)) for customers who need the data and don’t want to make a capital investment.

Ian Estaphan Owen