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Introducing the Jaiabot™

JaiaBots are low cost, micro-sized, high speed hybrid Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for data collection and payload delivery. The vehicles are ultraportable and can be launched from almost anywhere, including the surf zone, riverbank, dock, or watercraft. The JaiaBot System is modular enabling rapid integration of different sensors and payloads.

The ease of use minimizes operator training time and maintenance needs. This rugged and reliable aquatic drone can realistically and feasibly scale your data acquisition by using a pod of JaiaBots at an unprecedentedly low cost.

key performance parameters

Weight: 3 kg / 6.5 lb | Hull Diameter: 7 cm / 2.75” | Length: 96 cm / 38”

Speed > 3.5 m/s or 7kn | Depth Rated 100 m / 330 Ft

Surface Range 11 km / 7 mi

Positional Accuracy < 3 m / 9.8 ft | Security AES 128 / 256 Encryption

specifications are subject to change without notice


Bathymetry and Current Vectors for coastal, river, and inland waterways

Data download shows Temp increase with Depth due to rip current

Jaiabot™ Features

JaiaBot™️ System Product Features

  • Full data collected continuously during mission
  • Data downloads at high speed once bots are within wifi range
  • User selects preferred format for download
  • Analyze data in Jaia Robotics software or analysis package of choice
  • Streamlined, micro-sized design
  • Ruggedized for surf zone operations and 5 meter drop launches
  • Extendable capabilities with open source software
  • Missions are created on the UI and loaded wirelessly onto each vehicle
  • Wide area synoptic data collection throughout entire water column
  • Coastal, estuarine, lake, river, and ocean deployment
  • Multi-vehicle operations and mission planning (1-20 bots)
  • Launching from boat, beach, or dock keeps infrastructure costs low
  • Highly economical for small and large fleets
  • Custom pricing per fleet
  • Minimal operator skill-set requirements – deployable by a single operator
  • Plug-and-Play sensor attachments
  • Hub hosts user interface, communication system, mission and data transfer
  • Endurance ensured due to rapid battery replacement process
  • Open source design allows sensor and communication extendibility
  • The JaiaBot Software is built on top of two open source robotic middlewares: Goby3 and MOOS-IvP, both developed at MIT and deployed on robotic systems worldwide.
  • Goby3 software provides the communications, logging, and application architecture and is maintained by GobySoft, LLC
  • MOOS-IvP provides core autonomy of the system, and is maintained by the Laboratory for Autonomous Marine Sensing Systems at MIT
  • Visit Jaia’s GitHub Repository 

Jaiabot™ Product Portfolio

Modular Design Provides Multi-Mission Capability

Jaiabot™ hydro

Rapidly collect conductivity, temperature and depth throughout the water column. Able to cover large areas with full vertical profile dives. Assess currents, bottom type, and wave height. Hydro model features are available in all JaiaBot models.

Jaiabot™ pam

Passive Acoustic monitoring capability allows detection of marine animals as well as human activities such as ships and other vessels. Applications in fisheries and offshore renewables. CTD sensing available on all models.

Solutions 5 Bay_of_Biscay_from_Terra_(2004-04-25)

Jaiabot™ Bio

For customers collecting water quality and environmental data. JaiaBot BIO provides sensing for dissolved oxygen, pH, chlorophyll, and nutrients. CTD sensing available on all models.

Jaiabot™ prime

Prime is a Payload Delivery Vehicle. Vehicle length can be extended to provide longer battery life and additional sensors.

Jaia as a service

Interested in collecting aquatic data without owning a fleet? Jaia as a Service (JaaS) provides the ability for customers to utilize Jaia’s in-house fleet to conduct data collection. The field team will work with customers to identify their needs, configure the system to collect the parameters of interest, plan the missions, and operate the vehicles. JaaS can be utilized as a one-time service or a subscription to routinely monitor parameters in an aquatic region.

Mission Planner

Plan your missions in a few minutes and change them on the fly with Jaia’s intuitive user interface, Jaia Command and Control.  Initiate and modify missions from tablet or laptop. 

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