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High Speed, Affordable, Aquatic Drones

Meet the Jaiabot

The JaiaBot System, with applications in Environmental Monitoring, Research, Offshore Renewables, Aquaculture, Defense, and Academia, offers unprecedented cost savings in aquatic data collection. The acquisition cost and minimal maintenance needs finally provide a multi vehicle system that is truly scalable.

The Power of Pods

Bio inspired behavior whether it is in the hunt for prey or for defense in numbers – a well coordinated team, swarm or pod is always more effective in achieving its goal and has an inherent level of redundancy. Ultraportable JaiaBots can be deployed with minimal resources in pods of one to many to rapidly collect data across wide areas.


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About Us

Jaia Robotics’ vision is to democratize aquatic data collection. We do this by delivering cost effective modular solutions that can be affordably scaled and rapidly cover wide areas.

Accelerated to scale

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