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Jaia Robotics and Marine Acoustics Announce JaiaBot-PAM with Acoustic Monitoring Capability
JaiaBot PAM highlighting hydrophone

Hydrophone mounted to the JaiaBot-PAM Tail

FOR RELEASE 2024.03.12. Contact:

Ian Estaphan Owen

Jaia Robotics, Inc.

+1 (401) 214-9139

Thomas Stewart

Marine Acoustics Inc.

+1 (401) 847-7508

Bristol, Rhode Island, March 12th, 2024 — Jaia Robotics, Inc., a leader in the design and production of low- cost, micro-sized aquatic drones and data collection and visualization products, is delighted to announce the JaiaBot-PAMTM

The JaiaBot-PAM has been created through a partnership with Marine Acoustics, Inc. (MAI) adding passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) capability onto the JaiaBot- HYDROTM. All JaiaBot-HYDROTM features are also available in this new product, supporting applications in defense, national security, offshore renewable energy, aquaculture, and more. 

JaiaBots dramatically reduce the cost of aquatic data collection, operating in multi-vehicle pods at depths up to 60m and in a wide variety of coastal, estuarine, and inland aquatic environments. The modular design and open source software enables rapid customization. The Jaia Command & Control (JCC) user interface provides intuitive mission planning and real time system and vehicle status. Rapid data download is available via secure Wi-Fi for ingestion to Jaia’s Data Visualization (JDV) tools or exported in the user’s data format of choice.

MAI’s extensive expertise in the collection, analysis, and modeling of underwater acoustics data has earned them an excellent reputation in the Environmental Services, Energy, and Defense sectors. Their experienced and highly qualified engineering team led the selection and development of the JaiaBot-PAM’s passive acoustic system, and the vision for new deployment opportunities. The system supports omni directional wide band acoustic sensing operating in the 2 Hz – 30 KHz frequency range and is provided with an interface that can be used for alternate acoustic devices. 

Jaia Robotics and MAI jointly developed the passive acoustic system with support from DBV Technologies. In addition to this new acoustic capability, the JaiaBot-PAM also provides conductivity, temperature, depth, bathymetry, bottom type, current vectors, wave height and wave period data. The offshore renewable energy industry can benefit from using JaiaBot-PAMs for marine mammal detection and sound compliance during survey, construction, and operations. Defense applications include rapid deployment at the forward edge with shore, aerial, or sea based assets launching JaiaBot-PAM pods or single vehicles to provide persistent force protection and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).

“The strategic partnership between Marine Acoustic Inc. and Jaia Robotics demonstrates how cooperation in industry can deliver critical solutions at accelerated timelines. This development effort took just 4 months, delivering a system and the training to our warfighters on the schedule they needed to deploy. At Jaia we strive to provide solutions to capability needs that can be rapidly scaled. As demonstrated by the JaiaBot-PAM development, our open source software and JaiaBot platform is designed for rapid low risk sensor and payload integration, providing unique customer and industry collaboration opportunities.” says Ian Estaphan Owen, CEO and CoFounder of Jaia Robotics.

Tom Stewart, the CEO of Marine Acoustics, Inc., adds, “The JaiaBot-PAMTM provides a cost-effective capability essential for protecting the marine ecosystem while developing ocean resources. The capability is enabled by the versatility of the JaiaBot micro-sized autonomous vehicles coupled with expertise of Marine Acoustics with environmental acoustic monitoring and acoustic impacts of human activities on marine life. The Marine Acoustics and Jai Robotics collaboration exemplifies the potential for bringing together the right know-how to solve today’s problems; enabling sustainable development of the ocean environment for future generations.”

About Jaia Robotics, Inc.: Jaia Robotics, based in Bristol, Rhode Island, specializes in the design and development of low-cost, high-speed, micro-sized autonomous aquatic drones. The foundational product, JaiaBot, represents a significant advancement for the industry because it supports large scale data collection at an affordable price. Jaia Robotics further enhanced the JaiaBot’s accessibility with open source software, and an easily configurable, multi-sensor format. Jaia Robotics provides JaiaBot systems for direct sale and offers comprehensive aquatic data collection services, and data storage and visualization tools that can be locally or secure cloud hosted.

About Marine Acoustics, In.: MAI is a scientific and engineering small business providing a diverse set of government, corporate, and international clients with a broad spectrum of consulting and engineering services. Their areas of expertise include a full range of environmental compliance services, undersea warfare design, test and evaluation services, marine environmental compliance, as well as sea test planning and support, which are all supported by an award-winning and internationally recognized research and development program.

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